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We will train the AI model, generate your avatars and post-process them. We'll send you an email with a .zip file attached. So make sure to add your correct e-mail in the next step.
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What you can count on
You’ll use AI to create stunning, customised avatars of yourself. Our AI may create artefacts, errors or defects in the images it produces. This is out of our control. Please be aware of the risk. The more you follow our tips below, the better your avatars will be. All your images will be deleted from our servers after generation.
Upload 15 - 20 images of yourself (more is better)
📸 10x portrait photos of your face & shoulders
📸 5x photos from your chest and up
📸 5x full body photos
For best results, follow these guidelines:
✅ Show your shoulders
✅ Only you in the photos, not ANY other people
✅ Photos with different facial expression, that you like
✅ Photos with different backgrounds
✅ Photos with different lighting conditions
✅ Look into the camera and sometimes away
❌ Only one photo shoot (same setting)
❌ Only photos looking INTO the camera
❌ Same expression on every photo
❌ Special makeup (rather keep it similar)
❌ Other people in the photo
❌ Wearing sunglasses
❌ Inconsistent wearing of glasses
❌ Nudes (absolutely no nudes!)
❌ Kids on the image
❌ Extreme smiling in many photos
Step-by-step guide
  1. Click on Create and pay your order
  2. Make sure you type in your correct e-mail in the next step, as your avatars will be send to this address.
  3. Upload 15 - 20 images of yourself and follow the above stated guidelines.
  4. It will take roughly 2 hours until we will send your your avatars via e-mail. We are training our AI on your individual look, that’s why it takes some time.
❤️ For your safety: the images you upload are ONLY used to generate your AI Avatars. Both the images you upload and the AI model trained are auto deleted within 4 hours. Your avatars are kept for your convenience for 7 days.
AI drawing
We respect copyrights of art
We love stories, ideas and creativity. That’s why we support artists who have taught the AIs what looks good. Fairness is one of neuroflash’s guiding principles. Therefore, we share 25% of the revenue with the artists who gave our avatar AI style and color. Technology should stay human. That’s how we see ourselves and the future.
100+ different images
100+ different photos
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